Lobbying Unlimited International

A lobbyist is someone who seeks to promote, oppose, or otherwise influence the outcome of a decision maker. Various provincial and federal laws regulate lobbying activity. Some provinces set limits on how much money a lobbyist can spend wining, dining and otherwise influencing province officials and laws under consideration. For example, some provinces require individual lobbyists plus the companies that employ them to register with the federal, provincial, and or province Department of justification within a certain time period from taking a job to influence the legislature.

Lobbying Unlimited International is an international political powerhouse. Government Affairs. Litigation. Media Relations.

Lobbying & Advocacy

We represent leading corporations & institutions with legislative / regulatory issues. We have expertise in the in many policy issues within the Canadian federal / provincial governments, including healthcare, energy, transportation, financial services, technology, defence, security and tax policies.



Canadian Association of Political Consultants, member

The Canadian Association of Political Consultantsis the professional organization for people working in the field of politics. Raising the standards of practice in political consultation, thereby enhancing the political process & improving public confidence in the Canadian politics.



Canadian League of Lobbyists, member

Canadian League of Lobbyists & Advocacy Professionals Code of Ethics is utilized as a model by various organizations and serves to strengthen our image and enhance our role as a vital and respected link in the democratic process.



International Centre for Development and Democratic Transition, Member

ICDT (International Centre for Development and Democratic Transition) is an independent foundation with the ultimate mission of helping the development of Hungary, the European Union, and around the world.

ICDT (International Centre for Development and Democratic Transition) operates on the field of development and democracy. www.icdt.world

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